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  • Nightclubs Are Dying Because I Don’t Party Anymore

    Dec 2, 15 • Everyday, Randomness, THIS!No Comments
    Nightclubs Are Dying Because I Don’t Party Anymore

    It was just like any ordinary night out of the house, but it felt completely different…   I took a step back from our table and carefully watched my friends drown themselves in loud music, blinding lights, and thick smoke coming from the fog machine. Everybody was dancing like there’s no tomorrow. I stood still [&hellip...

  • V-DAY for Singles

    V-DAY for Singles

     Whoever told you that Valentine’s Day is for couples, didn’t know where to f*cking party! Or to f*ck at the very least!   So it’s V-Day again! Yehey! I’m still single! This calls for a celebration! Or a good tugs tugs man lang with good friends and a couple random strangers whose names you [&hellip...

  • Fridayrific!

    Oct 6, 12 • Everyday, RandomnessNo Comments

        Who doesn’t love Fridays?   AVER?   I love Fridays! In fact, I’m always excited about it. No work the next day, time with friends, and a short get away from the boring routinary corporate culture all yuppies are trapped in. It’s a time for pure fun and when all the KJs die. [&hellip...