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  • The Immensurable Disposition of a Boy Who Have Dreams Larger Than Life

    Aug 12, 14 • Everyday, Randomness1 Comment
    The Immensurable Disposition of a Boy Who Have Dreams Larger Than Life

    a sequel to Love in 140 Cahracters   #JDH   We met when I was at my lowest point. I was very reluctant at first to spark up a conversation, but I did manage to gather all the strength in the world to finally say hi. It was damn crazy. It didn’t work out the way [&hellip...

  • Love in 140 Characters

    Jun 16, 14 • Everyday, Randomness1 Comment
    Love in 140 Characters

        “abangan kita next year! :))”   that’s my very first tweet to him.   It all began when I felt like I was lonely enough to need someone in my life who will give me my much needed attention. It all began with a simple message which I courageously composed and sent in [&hellip...

  • The #tags for Straight Guys

    Aug 29, 13 • Everyday, THIS!1 Comment
    The #tags for Straight Guys

    #NoHomo #ManCrush #LoveYouMan #LoveYouBro     These are just some of the hashtags all over social media which suggests that two guys (or more) being overly affectionate towards one other is not automatically gay at all. Surprisingly, I find this cute rather than insulting (as some would say these are insensitively homophobic remarks) and the [&hellip...

  • Trending: #AngLoveParang

    Feb 21, 13 • THIS!No Comments
    Trending: #AngLoveParang

    Hey kids, kumusta? Today, I’ve been actively engaged in monitoring Twitter trends, as always; and came across this topic which I personally have something to say about also. Well, aside from the really awkward-to-say-this fact that I’ve never been in a relationship … I’m also as well now in a state where I’m beginning to [&hellip...