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  • V-DAY for Singles

    V-DAY for Singles

     Whoever told you that Valentine’s Day is for couples, didn’t know where to f*cking party! Or to f*ck at the very least!   So it’s V-Day again! Yehey! I’m still single! This calls for a celebration! Or a good tugs tugs man lang with good friends and a couple random strangers whose names you [&hellip...

  • heart~beat

    Jan 15, 14 • Everyday, RandomnessNo Comments

      For you would always be a heartbeat away from me, I can’t imagine such misery; and everytime the sun shines it’s hurting me for I know that there would never come a morning that you would also fall in love with me…   “I am the broken writer…”   Happiness may not always be what you [&hellip...

  • Love love love!

    Love love love!

    I’m not letting this season pass of course without sharing it with you guys! So here goes my Valentine’s story, read, read, read along! 🙂 Single. Double. Double. Single. Gay couple. Gay couple. Gay couple. And yes Pilipinas, ibang-iba ka na! I’ve spent the last couple of years celebrating the season of love with my [&hellip...