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November 21, 2014 – The world won’t stop for us, it continues to roll in the way we’ve known it to, ever since we were messy little rascals inside the four corners of our very first classroom. 24 hours before it completes a full rotation translating to day and night for us and 365 1/4 days before the revolution is complete translating to varying seasons for mankind. That’s just about it, the basics we’ve been taught about the world we live in, but as we grow older and witness life unfolding before our very own eyes, we learn not to count the days, not to live with the seasons; but to those small fractions of time that dramatically changes us in a blink of an eye.


Moments. In physics, it is the combination of physical quantity and distance. It is usually defined with respect to a fixed reference point where something significantly takes place. In medieval times, it is an actual unit to measure time. 40 moments would equate to an hour on the sundial, but as we progressed with civilization; this failed to evolve. When we talk about a moment today, it is taken entirely on a different context; a more philosophical one where our lives come to a turning point which brings us cases of extremities whether it be good or bad. In principles of physics again, any physical quantity (ourselves and other people involved) combined with a distance (where we currently are in reference to our emotional state up to where we end up after the turning happens) creates a moment. One that can either make us smile or cry depending on the forces that acted upon us on that very fraction of time whose properties are relative, yet unchanging.


We are what we are iin every size. It is the result of the different factors that molded us to become the person we see every day. Those factors I can say are the rightful measure of our character. We live everyday with the complexities our mind subconsciously processes for us which integrates into a decision-making altercation which can make, break, or bend us. In relation to life, we live each day moment by moment which most of us fails to recognize that we oftentimes just allow time to pass us by. We simply live to age without making a mark; a reference point as to how we should’ve unflappably advanced in reaction to the forces that acted upon us. Remember your first date, your first heartache, your first crush… Those things are what we have in common; the joy we felt when we discovered that we are capable of loving, a love that extends beyond our understanding. It is those times that we felt genuinely happy; where we moved forward from just giggling over that pretty girl we saw walking around the corridor to actually making sets of biased decisions just to make sure we get to know her name and presumably spend more time with her in the coming days. A little further up our story, let us remember how we fell in love… our first kiss, that delicate sweet peck we wanted to give her to perfectly communicate our love and share each other’s warmth. Time seems to have stopped, but in translation, we simply marked the absolute feeling that overpowered our senses and stretched it with time covering every second of our lives with the same feeling which makes us think that it lasted longer than it should have; thus, the longest second of our lives comes into realization…


As humans as we can be, frail and gifted with unpredictable ingenuity; we are creatures capable of make-believes, but that’s what make our lives even more interesting. How we manage to make something special out of what is ordinary is still a question to many great philosophers. We may understand the quantum dispositions we each all have at a certain degree, but we will never ever come to an agreement as to how each moment becomes special. That is what makes us unique in every way. Our reaction to the different forces we encounter everyday in our lives may be singular and similar, but how we perceive it and use time to earmark the significant change that transpired varies from one person to another. What is special to some may not be special for us and what is special for us may not be special to some, but regardless of this interchangeable fact; let us acknowledge that at some point we experienced living in that small fraction of time called a moment in our lives where we saw ourselves transform into an entirely different person.


How to make moments last is an entirely different story and we are all experts at it. When we start to reminisce the times we learned to treasure; from the very first time we got the YES we’ve always waited for from the girl we fell in love with in the corridor up to our very kiss, our stories are weaved and encapsulated in moments. We learn to let go of some, just let it pass by as if nothing happened, but to those really rare and special ones; we naturally store it in a special place in our hearts so that we can choose to live in it or relive it whenever we please to.


Moments are a treat to us; it’s the only way for us to escape time and stop it whenever we want to. It’s not bound by the natural law of the universe, because most moments we treasure here on earth always come with a greater power that transcends even time and space…




It’s proven that how time moves for you depends on where you are in the universe. It’s relative to beings and other places. But on the level of being here on earth, if you are aware in a moment, one second can last a year. And if you are unaware, your whole childhood, your whole life can pass by in six seconds. But it’s also such a thing that you can get lost in.


-Jaden Smith



Never be afraid to get lost in the moment! Live on!



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