The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch

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The reason why I like this book so much is simple:


“It made me cry in many ways…”


The head fake


…what is a head fake by the way?



If you happen to grab a copy of The Last Lecture on your nearest bookstores then you will surely know what a head fake is. To give you a glimpse of this, I can say that a head fake is using your knowledge to deliver that wisdom to people in the most surprising way possible. where to buy tv brackets


In life, there are so many head fakes lurking around the corner, life alone I must say is a head fake, people of our times must just be eager enough to know the real story behind the everyday scenes of their life. I have been pondering about these overnight after reading the book and I realized that technically I am applying this strategy to educate one person, a student of mine who actually still needs to learn a lot from the pressures I’m giving him. “I am bombarded,” he said, and I definitely agree with him, situations arise, they come like booby traps in the way; unfortunately, you can’t avoid these and the only thing you can do is to learn how to live despite the explosion. Injuries are a part of our everyday battle, they are there to help us move forward, to remind us that at some point in time we had this encounter with a life changing incident that made a better person out of us, that made us who we are today… As I have said, life is a head fake, its knowledge about the world gives people the wisdom of nature and every day, every minute, and every hour we are just surprised by how it plays out…


There are so much to learn, so much to know about how a brave man fought his disease. Given 6 months to live; it’s just so surprising how he managed to extend it for a thousand years more I guess…

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