Throwback Thursday

I don’t know where it all started, but it’s something that puts excitement to everyone’s face nowadays especially when Thursday’s coming. By definition from an article at, #TBT or #throwbackthursday “is the name of a weekly post theme that social media users participate in as part of a very general throwback activity for posting content. Throwback Thursday is very popular on Instagram, and users often tag their photos with a variety of hashtags like #TBT, #ThrowbackThursday or just simply #Throwback.”


And because I’m an avid social media fan and privileged enough to have my own page, I’m doing a




for everyone.



#tbt #collegedays



#tbt a YM conversation I once had with a special person. 🙂


#tbt College days hosting with Summer


#tbt Manila Zoo adventure with Gelo and Miko. #cuttingClasses

Those were the days. It was all about fun and craziness. I may have not been a “lax” college kid, but I can say that I had a fair share of the excitement college days bring! 🙂

#tbt #EboyDays



#tbt The cast and crew of EBoy together with Dir. FM Reyes, EP Ms. Anna, and the late AD (+)Fern Villafuerte.


#tbt Jepoy (Arjo Atayde) and Ella (Akiko Solon) during taping breaks.


#tbt Bryan Santos and Arjo Atayde with their #bromance pose. 😛


#tbt Slater’s very first TV stint after winning Pinoy Big Brother. He is with Bugoy Carino taping the finale episode of EBoy.


#tbt Me together with EBoy (Bugoy Carino)


#tbt Me with Slater Young on the set wearing my Congressman looking barong! 🙂


EBoy has brought me some of the best memories and it somehow made me realize more my passion. In ways unimaginable, it sure did open doors for me. I am claiming it! This is my very first showbiz experience though I wasn’t part of the cast or the crew, I became a part of the family. Everything about the on-screen drama and the behind the camera hardwork inspires me and it challenged me to push myself to the limits and finally do something I’ve always wanted to do; to create wonderful stories, put them in motion, and share them to the world! 🙂 Those were the days, the puyat and the effort of going to tapings is priceless aside of course from the moral support I am able to give to my artista friends part of the cast! 🙂

#tbt #PaladTaAngMagbuot #indiefilm



#tbt With the always kontrabida in his roles, a great actor, Kuya Mon Confiado at Elorde gym in Paranaque!


#tbt Some of the main casts of #PaladTaAngMagbuot, Mon Confiado, Dionne Monsanto, Nonito “The Filipino Flash” Donaire, Krissel Valdez, and Gary Lim.


#tbt Twitter sensation, @theKenNrvato with The Filipino Flash. He came to our set to fetch me coz we are scheduled to watch a movie after taping.


#tbt Direk Dandin and AD Direk Nick directing Ate Chen for a scene in the gym. This is Ate Chen’s very first movie! Woohoo! 😛


#tbt Krissel, Ate Chen, and Kuya Mon in his RV after our taping at Elorde in Paranaque.


Palad Ta Ang Magbuot showed me more of what I really wanted. The discipline needed in making independent films is more than enough to power up my desire to be seen and heard. I got to meet wonderful people here, from a boxing champ to award winning actors and theater legends; it was more than I can handle, but I’m glad I made it and the experience I got from here made me aspire even more! 🙂

#tbt #random #friends #events #people


#tbt Me and Akiko Solon somewhere in time. 😛


#tbt my former officemates with Pokwang when I brought them to the Star Magic Ball at Makati Shangrila last December of 2012.


#tbt Akiko Solon and Arjo Atayde at the Star Magic Ball 2012


#tbt my sister from another mother, Lovely, together with Paulo Avelino, who became her instant crush!


#tbt Akiko Solon and Deydey Amansec when we ate at JT’s Manukan in somewhere in Sgt. Esguerra.


#tbt Arjo Atayde and Akiko Solon Timezoning at MOA! 🙂


#tbt The great makulit assistants of Akiko, Ate Chen and Jane.


#tbt my first meeting with DJ Callum David at Globe’s event in The Fort.


#tbt Kimpoy Feliciano and the day he finally met me, his #1 hater! =))


#tbt Chinese New Year 2012 celebration at the Quirino Grandstand! 🙂 Caught in the act!


#tbt PGT Season? I forgot. This is the season where Khalil Ramos joined and won.


#tbt Hill Chiu, my ever gorgeous friend. Taken at Mister Kebab West Ave.


Some of the best people are just around the corner. I’m so glad I met some of them along the way. I shared stories and moments with them so incomparable that everytime I think about the old times, it brings me a tinge of sadness knowing that the past will forever be just good memories chasing me down the lane.

#tbt #StarMagicRecitals #StarMagicKids



#tbt Deydey Amansec and Blythe during their recitals at the Star Magic office! 🙂


#tbt Deydey Amansec with his mom, Tita Cherry. Look at how proud she is with her son! 🙂

These kids are closest to my heart. They are so cute little bunch of future award winning actors. They are like walking talents. The future is overwhelming for them and I am very proud to say that they are closest to my heart! Ang galing lang talaga nila! At a very young age, they are able to conquer the big screen and emerge as audience WOW-ers!





If you really look into the posts, not just mine but the posts of everyone participating, you will notice how this touches something very sensitive and significant in a person’s life. This is time travelling in disguise and this shows how the good old past molds people into becoming who they are today. It’s all connected, everything they’ve been with and everything they’ve been through contributes to a bigger throwback happening in the future. You see, all the things I’ve shown you here brought me to a lot of realizations and events in my life, if you’ve been a regular reader, you will see how my showbiz engagements finally pushed me to experience and explore the world of theater which I honestly love now. The world of performing arts which I tried to veer away from. My passion. My desire to act and deliver the story to the public via my character. The friends I made. Everything that happened. Everything I’ve been through. It all constitutes to a greater me and it all led me to be whoever I am today.



#tbt presenting, the casts of Dark Shadows! =))


#throwbackthursday is not just a habit we are accustomed to already… it’s our untold stories… it’s who we were… it’s who we will be… 🙂


Never get tired of sharing your stories everyone! Have a wonderful day!




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