Tuhog and the Music It Failed To Play

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They may not have used the best percussion instruments to strike something inside of me and WOW! me, but they pretty still did a good job on some parts to keep the music playing…


Each and every scene on the movie has a rhythm of its own and unfortunately for the filmmaker, she failed to bring all these elements together and make it a self-inflicting realization of life. What happened was it actually became a typical tri-weaved story that tried its best to make a statement in the film industry. I’m giving it 2 stars out of 5.


Due to a road rage between two buses, an accident occurs which puts the lives of its passengers in jeopardy. But the ones greatly affected by such event are a middle-aged woman named Fiesta (Eugene Domingo), an old and retired family patriarch Tonio (Leo Martinez), and a lad named Caloy (Enchong Dee). These three people are pierced through a single steel bar – a dangerous situation that even their doctors find hard to solve. But even before this unfortunate circumstance, these three have their share of ill-fated lives.


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It’s a dark comedy film which turned out to be rather creepy because of the addition of Maliksi Morales’ character as a mysterious street child who wished the 3 main characters (Fiesta, Tonyo, and Caloy) their death because of how they mistreated him when he asked for alms.


The ending wasn’t well established and there are scene fillers which you wold deem unnecessary. It’s a poorly written screenplay and it failed to play the music it wanted to let its audience hear.

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