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I can now officially say that I’m a social butterfly! đŸ˜› This particular weekend has been very stressful and fun for me. It’s like a mix and match of the things I love doing and being with the people I love to do it with the most. If I try to sum it all up in one or two words; it’s PIONEER HIGHLANDS. department 56 villages here

As crazy as it may sound, but this place is everything that is LOVE for me. This is the place where one of my bestfriends live and where some group of crazy young people (which I am a part of) come together to dine and do what they do best; to make each other glad…

Coincidentally, PIONEER HIGHLANDS is also the place where my new found family (Teatro Expedicion de Filipinas) come together to practice and hone our individual crafts in JM’s place, the very first person to ever be close to me in a record breaking 12hrs of being together. I’m not usually nice to humans. LOLJK!

Moving forward, I LOVE THIS WEEKEND! You read that right! It’s stressful and crazy, but what can I do? I wanted all these! Originally, I am bound and set to enjoy it in Lucena, Quezon in the triple birthday bash of my 24/7 family, but priorities are a bitch sometimes that it snaps whenever it wants to. We were all called for a graded run through of our assigned theatrical showcase on the evening of Saturday.


But QUE VER of course! I still did push through with my Lucena getaway! I just managed my time well to give way to the love of my life, theater... A lot of things happened in Lucena in a short period of time. The dramas never stopped, but it’s what actually kickstarted our getaway. Too bad I had to leave early the next day and miss out all the fun.

I arrived in Manila in the afternoon of Saturday. I had a little time left to practice our scene so I called up my partner and asked her to come over my house. Theater that day was very stressful, we started at 6PM and ended at around 1AM. It was fun, but hell it drained me.


Imagine my day, traveling from Lucena to Manila for almost 4 hours and do a non-stop run through in the afternoon up to 1AM.


After our rehearsals, I went again to Jm’s place to spend the night there. We had a short convo about the things that happened that day and we’ve been busy as well calming our friend Seven who was frustrated with the things that happened earlier that night. We all slept together and waited for the morning sun to greet us once more…


Jm and Seven woke up early to go to church. Lyn (Jm’s girlfriend) and I stayed home; at least that’s what Jm thought… we actually went to Megamall after they left the house to buy Lyn’s early birthday present to Jm.

Jm was of course surprised and happy after finding out.

We called up our good friend Hana to come over later that day coz we planned to take a dip in the pool. Her YES to us was like an automatic reply. She hurriedly went there and our Sunday together officially started.



After swimming, we all gave in to our gastronomical satiety and went to Bagnet 8065 in Makati to eat dinner. We headed to Hana’s place in McKinley Hills after and spent the rest of the night playing Monopoly (card game) in Starbucks BGC.

THE WEEKEND WAS CRAZY. I cannot further explain my delight over the things that happened and the people I spent it with. It’s just so overwhelming that I’m having a total fun hangover…

I felt my new found family officially started when I met Jm; it grew over time and is still growing. We’re getting bigger and things are getting more complicated each day.


Our friendship is sacred and blessed as I always say and I do believe that our craziness and differences will make us stay together in rough times. I am happy we all met. Who stays and who goes entirely depends in the coming days of togetherness.

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