Valley Farm

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I discovered something new and exciting!


VALLEY FARM is the only luncheon meat that offers suspended meat chunks in every bite and uses 70% REAL meat, blended in selected spices, providing best tasting and value for money product for that delicious and unique chunky bite experience!


Does that sound very promotional? WELL guys, it is! Because I’m seriously loving this already! You have to try it yourself!


VF regular


I first tried this when my client gave me a sample pack of their new products last year. I tasted this even before it was released in the market and I feel so special! 😛 Thank you Mega Fishing! It’s indeed a treat!


valley farm


You can buy Valley Farm luncheon meat in your favorite supermarkets! I’m very meticulous when it comes to food and seldom do I fan mode on it most especially if it’s canned goods, but Valley Farm is just deliciously exciting! It’s more than just your neighbor’s masarap na ulam; it’s an experience you’ll never get used to!


valley farm logo


Go buy your own canned happiness now!

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