World Without Strangers

Last night was an awesome experience. Thanks Giordano Philippines and your World Without Strangers campaign for making me relive the good old days when I would do SLAMMAN with different people in a very crowded concert scene listening to our all time favorite pinoy bands. I kinda miss it and it was also last night too that I felt like everything’s turning grey for OPM.




In a Philippines that patronizes everything foreign, it’s starting to scare the shit out of me. What is there to look forward to for our young artists? What will be left of us that’ll tell the world that HEY I’M F*CKING FILIPINO AND WE ARE IN THIS WORLD TO MAKE GREAT THINGS HAPPEN!? What will be left of our music? What songs will be there for us to sing? Kakayanin pa ba nating maglakad ng taas noo dahil alam nating tayo’y Pilipino sa isip, sa salita, at gawa? Nakaktakot.


It was an unusual picture. People weren’t as much enthusiastic and alive as they were years back. I’m a big fan of Filipino bands and I really don’t care about the crowd they gather everytime there’s a performance because it’s what makes it special. Everyone coming together to enjoy the music and the moment and slamming bodies with one another during the highest peaks… I miss it when all my flabs would wave all over because of jumping like a retard. But…


I don’t know what happened to me lately…


I’ve been drowning myself in foreign sounds. In EDMs that doesn’t hold any meaning to our culture. I’ve been dancing to an unfamiliar tune and even idolized a couple so much that it got me all confused. I terribly miss our own. I terribly miss the different bands that everyone was so eager to hear. Parokya, Rivermaya, Sponge Cola, Calla Lilly, Urbandub, Chicosci, Silent Sanctuary, Imago, Pupil, and many more. They all once made me feel so alive. I remember patiently waiting for them to get up on stage and bring the night to life… I remember going crazy just to catchem wherever they are…


Music is evolving. Change is constant. You have to reinvent yourself and flow with time. Rico Blanco proved this last night and it was at that very moment that I got my eyes opened again. What he did to his classic songs was amazing! And so I thought, because he made it possible and I heard it and it was so good; why don’t some of our aspiring artists of the modern world reinvent OPM and turn it to something that would get the attention of the young generation today? Turn it into EDM, but still keep the lyrics so it doesn’t lose its meaning? Wouldn’t the club scene dramatically change? Wouldn’t we want to hear our own again? Wouldn’t we give OPM another chance?




Naniniwala akong kaya natin at naniniwala ako na ang musikang Pilipino ay walang kapantay. Ang ating pambansang awit ay tinagurian at kinikilalang pinakamaganda sa buong mundo, patunay lamang na tayo ay isang dakilang lahi na kayang gumawa ng pinaka magagandang bagay na ibabahagi natin sa kaibigang banyaga. It’s just a matter of time before we figure it all out. We will hear our music again and fully embrace it the way we did in the previous years. After all, music serves as a great medium of recall. It’s memory for most of us and someday, we’d love to hear it again to remind ourselves of how far we’ve come, how far we’ve grown, and how far we’ve changed as a person…


Mabuhay ang musikang Pilipino!

Mabuhay ang OPM!



PS. Miss ko na mga kanta niyo Pilipino!



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