You Learn, I Learn

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“You jump, I jump”


Who would ever forget? 🙂 Today has been pretty much a topsy turvy fun ride for me; well, not just today actually but in the past months. I never really thought for once that I’ll encounter different people who will make me think the hell out about what’s wrong or at least what am I doing wrong, but as it turns out, it’s always an imbalance; like a glitch in the system of some sort, like I see things differently with my eyes.  But seriously, why is it just me seeing it?

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I’m not perfect, I never am and never was, I have an awful lot of flaws in me that easily irritates or intimidates people. I have a mind so fickle that I tend to not stick with the existing process that ends me up challenging it all the time, but good thing here is, I’m learning. I’m learning good. I’m learning the hard way. I can say that this is a more of a choice than a natural occurrence, sometimes, you just have to make the difficult way around the path of greatness or whatever it is that you know awaits. It’s a gut feel, it’s intuition, you just know you have to go through it no matter what. I guess for me lately, it’s all about the people; different kinds of them, different monsters who can make or break you, lucky enough, I’ve made a handful of collection in the course of my career. No, no, no, don’t get me wrong, it’s still always on how you view things that come your way; take it is as something bad, then it most probably is, but take it in and accept it as something good, then understanding, compassion, and belief in people would flow through your veins like it’s telling you that everything’s gonna be okay and that everything’s gonna go fair.


Learning is a 2 way process as we all know. I’m sure most of you is sick of that already. Well, I’m sorry, but it has never changed. You learn from the people who beats the shit out of you and they learn from you as well; even if it’s learning how to beat real good each time.


Rough seas make great sailors, but have you ever thought what a calm sea makes? A calm sea makes peaceful minds. It’s should be balanced. Great sailors need calm seas from time to time to make their sailing smooth and minds ready and alert during terrible disasters. Without calmness, I’m sure they’ll fail to make it through. Calm seas after the storm tells them that there is hope and a new beginning and calm seas before it reminds them that nobody know what’s it gonna be tomorrow; that life is not always a happily ever after story. Incorporating this to reality, I believe that learning never stops and the way we learn never changes. Just like how sailors first learned how to sail, it’s still always the same process over and over again, it never changed. From day one, we have always learned something new from our teachers and they too learned something from us; it’s more of them learning how to read and write again for some reason, but this time it’s reading and writing us. Our uniqueness; take that in mind, it’s what starts it. The way we are written onto people’s mind is different from how others are written, we have our own footprints. The point of everything I have to say here is that at some point in our lives we realize that there are people who can keep up with our differences, people whom we can keep up with their differences and those who simply cannot and whom we simply cannot. People who can read us, people whom we can read, who can write us, and whom we can write. We learn from each and everyone of them. Unfortunately, we learn from a mix and match of’em all; our friends, our enemies, our bosses, or some random strangers we meet everyday. We learn to adjust accordingly and see the world the way they see it, but only if we openly accept the fact that we are here for the lesson and not for the drama. Though some of them may not be most of the time worth our stress and emotional breakdowns, but sure enough, they are around to make us tougher and wiser. They are around to tell us that not everything in this world can be given to us, because there are also others here like them hoping and wanting the same thing sometimes. We have to work hard for it. We have to deserve it. The willingness to learn and commit mistakes is common to all great man.


At the end of the day, we should all not give up easily. We should deal with our shortcomings fairly well to correct it or at least somehow make it better. We are not to rant because ranting is one way of showing everyone the things we cannot be, things we are very frustrated about, and things that we are unconsciously doing nothing about except talk out with everyone. Reflection is the key and the better way off the slavery of our emotions. Dealing with people is a You Jump, I Jump kind of relationship, you don’t push them, but rather; face their fears together with them and sometimes even show them their greatest fear. You do it together like a stundet-teacher kind of thing. It’s a choice. People are. Relationships are. Think about it…

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