Esto Quod Es (Be What You Are)

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I’ve never been a fan of self portraits. I grew up believing that I’m not for the camera; lest, if I can even fit in the frame. I always shy away from the sight of the lens and made sure that I’m no more than a background making all others look good before me. My introverted mindset always kicked in mixed with a little insecurity because of my size and stirred with a firm acceptance within that I can never be better than anyone else in the picture…


Gone are the days…


A lot of things happened while I was growing up; little by little I realized that no matter how much I shy away from the camera, it has always followed me (naks!). I know it’ll sound crazy, but yes I’ve proven that I can definitely fit in the frame and that YES! I can never be in the background because I will always stand out! (Naks confident!)


“I can deal with all shits in the world because I am #FreeToBeMyself



(c) Raymond Marquez


I figured out that acceptance is the root of all good things and with a little help from people, what you think you cannot do or cannot be is magically transformed into a possibility that you’ve never thought of before. When it comes to photographs, the hand of the artist is very essential to capture whatever emotion you’re trying to exude. There should be some sort of connection between you and the one who holds the camera. I’m lucky enough to find people so skilled in this and I’m truly honored to be photographed by masters of their craft from time to time.


Take Raymond Marquez for example (see his portfolio here). I was definitely free to be myself in his hands! All my insecurities vanished and the photo shoot we did felt more of an assurance that I am all smiles for the camera more than anything else.



(c) Raymond Marquez


The depth of emotion he is able to capture in my stills is just amazing! I am so happy to have worked with him in our latest shoot. It seemed like his lens didn’t judge me at all. I definitely felt every aspect of myself in there.


The relationship you build with your photographer is very essential to the outcome of the posts. There should be some sort of understanding on what you want to achieve as the subject and how you want to achieve it. That alone requires a great skill coming from the person who will take care of the creative work. Not everyone is gifted enough to look good on camera without exerting any effort at all (me included!) that’s why it’s very essential for the artist to know which angle he would take his best shot.


Several things in life appears to be simple most of the time hiding everything else in complexity. People would always tell me that I look so different on several pictures I have and I tell them that it’s just a matter of projecting your emotions right and making sure that your artist knows about it.


In the next picture below, I asked Raymond to take a shot of me being emotionless. I’ll leave it to you to judge the outcome of the shot. I got mind blown myself when I saw this.


11258756_10200802499220877_770147010_o (1)

(c) Raymond Marquez


Thank you very much Raymond for the wonderful job! Every picture that I have with you is so different in many ways! I am very happy!





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